"Good design is good business."

—Thomas J. Watson

Work History

Jack started his career at GrubHub. As the 2nd hire he saw it grow from a tiny startup to a post–IPO company. After nine years of enormous growth, he left to explore other ideas and consult for numerous startups and companies.


Design Consultant

Consulting work to date includes: User Experience Design • Product Optimization • User Flows • Mobile Design • Design Prototyping • Interaction Design • Visual Design • Data Visualization • Improved New User Onboarding • Product Feature Brainstorming











As the 1st designer he maintained a central role in design over nine years. His involvement in everything from user experience design, branding, optimization design, front–end design, and marketing gave Jack a broad and unique set of design skills.

Lead Designer

As Lead Designer, Jack co-led the UX design team, was resonsible for the visual design of all GrubHub products, in addition to building and leading the initial product optimization team.

Creative Director

As the first Creative Director, Jack had a significant role in building and defining the brand. He was also responsible for ensuring marketing and product design were inline, as well as helping build the first creative team.

Designer & more

As a wide–eyed recent graduate, Jack found himself working at alongside people much smarter than he, and used that opportunity to learn what it takes to create something from nothing as he helped design and build the early iterations of the GrubHub website. Also responsible for such vital tasks as stuffing evelopes and refilling printer cartridges.

Key Accomplishments

  • Formed and led the initial Product Optimization Team (aka "Growth Hacking"), resulting in significant improvements of key metrics in addition to user satisfaction.
  • Played a significant role in building and defining the GrubHub brand.
  • Oversaw visual design across all GrubHub products and platforms.
  • Designed and built the front–end of both desktop and early mobile web apps.
  • Co–led the User Experience Design team, consisting of 20+ designers and researchers.
  • Helped oversee the integration of the GrubHub and Seamless design teams when the two companies merged in 2013.
  • Responsible for the design output of both GrubHub and Seamless products.
  • Announced the new brand with a redesigned website as well as a new national ad campaign highlighting the new brand.
  • Designed, and later on oversaw the creation of numerous nation-wide ad campaigns.
  • Acted as brand steward to ensure the brand was accurately represented across all consumer touch points.
  • Created the visual identity of GrubHub, including both marketing and product design guidelines.
  • Helped design and brand the GrubHub loyalty program Yummy Rummy.
  • Worked closely with the founders designing and building early iterations of the site.

Design Chops

A decade spent in the ever–changing world of web design required proficiency of numerous design disciplines, practices, techniques, and approaches. Experienced in…

User Experience Design

User Research • User Flows • Wireframes • Prototyping • Interaction Design • User Interface Design • User Psychology • Behavioral Economics

Optimization Design

Landing Page Design • Conversion Improvements • Additional Signups • Better New User Onboarding • Increased Repeat Users • Better Bounce Rate • SEO & SEM Landing Page Design

Design Leadership

Design strategy & management • Building an effective design team • Hiring strong designers • Brand Stewardship

Visual Design

Typography • Color Theory • Brand Identity & Guideline Creation • Iconography • Data Visualization • BFA in Graphic Design. Ball State University, 2004.

Front-end work

HTML/CSS (HAML • SCSS • SASS) and jQuery. Experienced working on both java and rails applications. Familiar with both Subversion and Git.


Branding • National Ad Campaigns • Lead Generation Websites • Email Templates • Banner Ads • Sales Brochures • More Banner Ads

Software that helps


Wireframes, vector illustration, icons


Visual design

After Effects



Web Flows


Wireframes, responsive


Wireframes, vector illustration, icons


Wireframes, vector illustration, icons

Pixate Studio

iOS prototyping


Version Control. Makes Git make sense.


Wireframes, vector illustration, icons


Test editor

Frequently read blogs

Jack can be reached at jackkent5@gmail.com