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Jack Kent was the 2nd hire at GrubHub. After leading design there for nine years he is now looking for exciting and challenging UX design work.

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Being one of the first employees at GrubHub, he witnessed it's growth from a four–person boot–strapped company to one worth $1.7 billion with over 800 employees. He maintained a central role in both marketing and product design throughout nine years, five offices, multiple mergers, and massive growth. At the beginning he did all design for both Marketing and Product. Over time he shifted focus exclusively to product design and optimization.


2005 – 2007

Creative Director

2007 – 2012

Lead Designer

2013 – 2014

  • Helped build and lead the User Experience Design team consisting of 20+ designers.
  • Responsible for building and leading the initial Product Optimization (aka Growth Hacking) team.
  • Oversaw the design, implemention, and analyzing of hundreds of optimization experiments.
  • Played a significant role in developing the GrubHub brand.
  • Created the GrubHub visual identity.
  • Launched the new brand with a million dollar national transit–based ad campaign. This was followed closely by launching a matching redesigned website.
  • Designed, and later on oversaw the creation of numerous national transit-based ad campaigns.
  • Acted as brand steward to ensure the newly created brand was being represented appropriately across all consumer touch points.
  • Helped lead and oversee the integration of both design teams when GrubHub and Seamless merged in 2013.
  • Oversaw product design for both brands post–merger.
  • Worked closely with the Marketing Creative Director to ensure marketing and product design remained in sync.
  • Oversaw the design and implementation of GrubHub's style guide.
  • Designed and helped build the first mobile web site in addition to the initial iOS and Android apps.
  • Oversaw the design of the second generation mobile apps.
  • Helped design, brand and create the visual language of GrubHub's loyalty program, Yummy Rummy.
  • Assisted designing the transition process for CampusFood customers after the GrubHub and CampusFood merger.
  • Worked closely with Director of Consumer Marketing and the Director of Technology to redesign and rebuild all SEO pages from ground up.
  • Oversaw design of multiple B2B products, including OrderHub and DeliveryHub.
  • Designed countless banner ad campaigns.
  • Designed several marketing–based email campaigns.
  • Designed all initial Trade Marketing materials. From fax 1–sheets to full sales packets.
  • Designed and built initial version of our lead generation site.
  • Designed all initial marketing materials for both Consumer and Trade Marketing.

Looking for work in…

Web & App Design

Web Classic | iOS | Android

Bring your product to life by balancing user expectations with business goals and utilizing a blend of design disciplies to create a truly engaging experience.


Make it go to eleven.

It already works, make it work better. By employing a goal–directed design process, work toward improving the metrics most critical to your business.


Shed your secret identity.

Whether it's creating one from the ground up or starting with an existing identity, transform your brand to become a hero in your users eyes.

Design Approach

Take an goal–directed, research–based, and data–informed approach to design and couple that with a strong belief that iteration is imperative to design the best experience possible. The result is a design process that has shown time and again to be effective.



Use both quantitative and qualitative data as a compass and ensure the product is moving in the right direction from the start.


Focus only the problem at hand and what the design needs to achieve. Stay focused. Avoid shiny distractions.


Base decisions on real data whenever possible. Don't trust the HiPPO.


Verify early and verify often. Learn and respond rapidly.


Pay attention to your users and put them first. Remember– you are not your user.

Why process matters.

Following a process keeps everybody honest. It allows the team to stay focused on solving problems at hand with objective decisions based on the best data available, and keeps personal preferences from clouding judgements.

“No matter how skillful or creative the designer, if she does not have clear and detailed knowledge of the users she is designing for, the problem's constraints, and the business or organizational goals that are driving the design, she will have little chance of success.” –About Face


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Information architecture

Interaction design

Interface Design

Visual Design

Product Optimization

Design Management