Aligned: Crafting The User Experience
Founded in 2018, Aligned was a productivity app for teams that focused on lessening the overhead of meetings for both Managers and Makers.
User Research • Product Strategy
Identifying Problem Space & Users
In order to make Aligned unique from other meeting software, it would need to solve unique problems in a easy-to-use interface that didn't feel like "just another app to look at," and would need to provide true value to users beyond digital agendas.
Product Strategy • Content Organization • Info Architecture
Putting It Together
As I was narrowing down the specific problems to focus on, I was beginning to think through all the info needed, and how a solution to all these could be assebled in a way that made sense.
Product Strategy • User Experience Design
"See everything I need for my day in one view."
Early on, the largest barrier to entry was the idea of "another app to look at." Because of this, I made Aligned a browser extension that pairs with Google Calendar. It would be a React app, that we dropped next to your GCal via a Chrome extension. This would keep people within their existing flow while providing Aligned functionality on top of Google's Calendar services.
User Experience Design • User Interface Design • Visual Design
Meeting Cards
An early decision was that all meeting content would live within a Meeting Card.  Each meeting has it's own card, which is automatically shared with all invitees by email.
User Experience Design • User Interface Design • Visual Design
Action Items
The feature that people were the most desperate for were Action Items.  are a checklist item that can be assigned to an attendee by tagging them. Action Items are saved in a user's Meeting Notebook, which is private to them only.
User Experience Design • User Interface Design • Visual Design
"Protect my focus hours."
For Makers, this was the one thing they truly wanted-the ability to set and protect their focus hours. The user interface for this was influenced from Google's own GA view. A small, easy to understand tool providing better control over how their time is spent.
User Experience Design • User Interface Design • Visual Design
Instant Time Finder
GCal has to service an enormous swath of use cases, Aligned wanted to tailor it for meetings to increase their value. This meant evaluating how to frame existing calendar functionality and interactions with an eye towards meetings.
Aligned's User Experience
By paying attention to, and focusing on how to identify and solve problems for the user, Aligned's user experience easily combined several novel solutions into a efficient, easy-to-use solution for tech teams.