Designing an Office Management Platform
  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  •  User Interface Design
OfficeLuv is a B2B office management platform that helps office managers run and maintain the office, from supplies to budgeting analytics to managing the Office Support team, OfficeLuv is an all-in-platform. I was the Lead Designer from 2016-2018 and helped design, build, and launch the first version of the product.
Design Leadership
On Your Mark, Get Set...
The main challenge we faced was the timeline. We had a three-month window to design and build a product showing signs of use by real-world users. All teams, from engineering to design, started work simultaneously. This necessitated communication, adaptability, and understanding to ensure we were in sync.
Design Leadership
Using Resources Efficiently
We used design sprints involving all stakeholders, as well as a few clients allowed us to unlock a multiple perspective's operational knowledge. with the engineering and product team involved in these, it was an efficient way to let everybody included see the entire board, and contribute their knowledge.
Ux • UI • Visual Design
Supply Catalog User Interface
Another time-saving decision was to use familiar design patterns. There was nothing to be gained by redesigning a online shopping experience for the sake of being clever.
UX • UI • Visual Design
Office Supply Management
Each office support team had their own way of handling supply management. The similarities among them all were that Office Managers needed to monitor supply levels and approve purchases from their desks. Office Attendants needed to easily set levels from their phones as they walked the floor and took inventory.
UX • UI • Visual Design
Supply Item Details
Each item in the OfficeLuv Catalog could be a one-time purchase, or added to an office's list of inventory. To work quickly, we kept the item management features within the existing item details modal.
UX • UI • Visual Design
Design For The User
Using responsive design, I laid out the same functionality to emphasize setting supply levels and allow for them to be easily set with the right hand.
UX • UI • Visual Design
Responsive Design